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Hi there!
Thank you for installing our Google Analytics plugin for Joomla.
THE CHALLENGE: Up until now it was nearly impossible to NOT track your own visits on Google Analytics in Joomla. This posed a problem as your analytics data was diluted by visits by either you or your office/IT/marketing folks. Many smaller businesses have their website as their starting homepage in their browsers. This can hugely inflate the actual number of visitors to your site by people that really matter - your potential customers and business partners. We, at WebGuru, set out to solve that problem and have come up with this plugin.
THE SOLUTION: Now, you can measure "true" visitors to your site without recording yourself and your team. This will prevent the Google Analytics coding from falsely inflating your pageviews, time on site, number of visitors, etc. You can even decide and set which level of users should be included in the Google Analytics tracking. To our knowledge, this is the first publicly available Google Analytics plugin that allows users to do this in Joomla.
ABOUT US: WebGuru is an internet marketing agency based out of Mongolia. Because our founder has spent 14 years in Colorado, we also hope to soon open a presence in Colorado, namely Boulder/Denver area. Currently, we provide search engine optimization (SEO), web design, and web development services: WebGuru's Web Solutions page. You can also follow our Internet Marketing Blog.
email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it | skype id: | twitter: @webguruco
phone: +1(303)945-3290 (US) | +976 88152200 (MN)
(Last updated: October 16th, 2009 - version 0.6)

Don't track YOUR visits.  Track your visitors.

Get an accurate count on your Google Analytics.  Simple yet effective!  Download WebGuru's Google Analytics Plugin v.0.6 for Joomla 1.5.

WebGuru's Google Analytics plugin is simply THE MOST accurate extension for tracking "true" visitors and traffic to your Joomla site with Google Analytics.  This little plugin gives you options to exclude yourself from being tracked along with your visitors.

WebGuru's Google Analytics for Joomla
Back-end options view of WebGuru's Google Analytics plugin for Joomla
(Click to see larger image)


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