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We Are Moving to IT Park PDF Print E-mail

On Monday, we were officially informed that we have been selected into the IT Park's Incubator program.  We will be moving to our new office later this week.  Incubator program helps develop companies in the Information Technology sector in Mongolia.  We are very happy to be moving to our new office.

(Mongolian Information Technology Park, or IT Park for short; photo taken 2009/11/03)

The Incubator program is a government sponsored program, I believe with Japanese government funding, to encourage the growth and development of IT sector in Mongolia.  Developing sectors other than mining becomes even more critical with the signing of Oyu Tolgoi agreement.  Mining industry is likely to attract many of the brightest talent away from other industries, thus possibly hampering growth of other sectors.

The benefits of the Incubator program include:

  • Reduced rent (up to 90% discount the first 6 months; then 70%, 50%, and 30% each of the next 6 months)
  • High-speed internet access FREE of charge (up to 2 or 3 MBS, this is fantastic especially in office setting in Mongolia)
  • Various programs dedicated to developing companies' capacities in financial, human capital, operational, & other management needs/skill-set
  • Opportunities to collaborate and share ideas with other IT companies that are located nearby

Probably the biggest benefits for us will be (aside from money saved):

  • Fresh new ideas for doing things better and maybe helping others to succeed as well (thus helping develop the Mongolian sector even if our help is small)
  • Accomplishing more though better accountability - we will have to report on monthly and on bi-annual basis
  • Becoming more polished - instead of focusing on our little niche and just doing the small things that are working in our little area, maybe we will be able to become more well rounded and better aware of surrounding technologies and events

We are definitely hoping to become a bright spot in the IT Park's Incubator program.  Hopefully, we will become one of the example companies and achieve success, not just by ourselves but also through others in the Mongolian IT industry.

Let's get this party started.



+1 #1 Debora 2009-11-04 15:05
Congratulations !

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