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Online Privacy Issue with Spokeo - Remove Your Listing
Written by Mergen   
Monday, 10 January 2011 10:51

Yesterday, I ran across a website called Spokeo.  It had some of my private information shown, therefore I had myself removed from it.  You should consider doing the same too.  No need to give the bad guys any more help than they need.

What is Spokeo?  It is essentially the yellow pages 2.0.  It has the basic contact information, but it also attemps to get more information about your real estate property, guess your net worth, pull in your photos and comments from social media, etc.  See the image below from their homepage:


Needless to say, it tries to give away almost everything about you to the public... for a fee to whoever that is willing to pay the low monthly price.

So now, all of your private information and net worth along with location of your home, complete with contact information and your social network can be made available for as little as $2.95/mo for all of the sophisticated crooks and robbers out there.  That is just great.

Luckily, the company makes removing your info a breeze: just visit this page and follow the steps  Make sure to check your email and validate your request!



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