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Managing Groups on LinkedIn? Avoid Spammers
Written by Mergen   
Thursday, 23 September 2010 09:38

Much to my delight, I just noticed today that LinkedIn has made it easier to avoid approving possible spammers as group members.


I have a few groups that I manage on LinkedIn.  One of my challenges is to make sure I don't approve any major spammers into the group.  There are always some who join the group with the intent of spamming everyone else in the group, thinking somehow that will lead to sales.  That doesn't work, but they don't know that.  While they learn that spamming doesn't work, other group members may get turned off.

Long story, short, it is important to be able to weed out potential spammers.

In the image above, I have crossed out the name of the individual seeking to join one of the groups I manage.  In that, there is text that reads "WARNING: 1 connection".  This is pretty much all I need to know that this person is most likely a spammer and that I will not accept his invitation for a while and see what happens.

Thank you LinkedIn for improving the usability of your website.




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