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Why Fusion Beer Is My Favorite Beer - Bottling Has Drinking in Mind
Written by Mergen   
Friday, 16 April 2010 13:55

Right now, I would say that Fusion is my favorite beer in Mongolia, hands down.

(FYI, Fusion is a beer produced by APU, one of the largest spirits companies in Mongolia.  Since about a year or two ago, they are going through rebranding on their products that are going quite well, I think.)

The reason has nothing to do with taste, although it isn't bad.  There are at least dozen other beers in Mongolia that taste just as well or better.  What Fusion does is something that should be implemented on ALL beers.

Fusion beer is extremely easy to open.  In fact, all you need is two beers.


If you look at the above image closely, you will notice that the bottom of the top beer bottle has a funny engraving.  It is actually a bottle opener; you simply put the bottom of one Fusion on top of another Fusion and twist to open.  It's brilliant.

I still don't understand why all beers don't do this.

Whether at home watching the game with friends or having a BBQ in the backyard, something like this makes opening beers fun and easy.  There is hardly any added costs for the bottles, yet this ads value and differentiation in the mindsets of consumers, some of whom might like the convenience and others who might just think it's fun.

Here is a video showing how it's opened in action:


Either, I hope other beer manufacturers are taking notice.

Dear readers: What are your thoughts?  Do you agree or disagree with my logic?  Why?


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